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Minimally Invasive Ambulatory Office Surgery

Area Leader in Fine Quality Footwear and Support

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The Right Kind of Foot Care Can Make the Difference!

Dr. Straney

Welcome to our office. We want your visit to be as comfortable and painless as possible and help you to be an "informed" participant in your foot care.

Our staff takes pride in providing professional podiatric care in a relaxed atmosphere. Each individual's medical complaint is evaluated and discussed in "everyday language" so that you, the patient, will be able to make an educated decision about your treatment.

If corrective surgery is indicated, it can be preformed in our office operating suite. All procedures are ambulatory and performed under local anesthesia. While more complicated procedures can be preformed under "Twilight" anesthesia administered by a Licensed Anesthesiologist.

Most minimally invasive techniques do not require the use of pins, screws, wires, casts, or crutches. Patients may generally walk in, have surgery performed, and walk out. That's why we call it ambulatory foot surgery.

When applicable, these minimal incision procedures produce less pain, shorter healing times, and a quick return to normal activities. We have found this approach to be less stressful, more personal, and cost effective.

** NEW ** Our office now sells fine orthopedic footwear and support. We can even bill many health insurance providors. Please ask us on your next visit! Our partners include the following companies:

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Board Certification:
American Council of Certified Podiatric Physicians & Surgeons
American Academy of Pain Management

The Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgeons

Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine Alumni Association
The Alumni Association of the Foot Clinic of Youngstown
American Association of Podiatric Physicians and Surgeons

Hospital Affiliations

East Cooper Regional Medical Center
Roper-St. Francis Hospital
Roper West Ashley Surgery Center

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